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Tips to Find the Suitable Tent for Camping

There are plenty of vacation plans, camping can be one of the best choices to spend some time in nature. Camping can be a short getaway from the city. However, there is some stuff you need to be prepared before it. One of the important elements is a tent. You need to choose the tent carefully. It has to be very safe in addition to getting the perfect tent sizes and a convenient style. If you know each one’s advantages and disadvantages, you are planning to find an excellent alternative. Some tent might have been tested, such as telt test or tent test.

camping tent


Nylon is the most popular one for everyone. It is because the substances of nylon are strong but didn’t heavy. Therefore, this kind of tent is handy. The material is usually waterproof and breathable, allowing steam to escape while keeping the body dry. Your nylon tent will not rust, but mold can absorb the waterproof coating, and if this happens, the tent is useless for your hands. Uncoated nylon tents are not waterproof, but they aren’t soaking more water. The material is normally used for tent floors and awnings. However, nylon tents tend to be very expensive.

Rip-stop Nylon

It differs from normal nylon because it is a thicker fabric that is woven between the stitches. The other reinforcement threads help to prevent cracks in the frame, so you have a durable tent. These seams can stress a tent, but it is worth it because they add value to the tent. It is one of the best materials you can choose for your tent.

Polyester camping tent

The polyester tent is quite similar to a nylon tent. The distinction is that polyester does a wonderful job of maintaining the UV damage. UV damage helps to weaken the reduction of tent material’s effectiveness. Polyester is cheaper and better than nylon, and when used as an outer tent, it sinks much less than nylon. Therefore, it could be suitable for low-budget travelers.


The fabric has proved to be a favorite among tent manufacturers before nylon has been found. It is durable and can usually be covered with a layer of grease that prevents water absorption. The coat allows the tent to endure the breath, but this material is not waterproof. Thus, you need to consider the time to go camping and ensure the weather.


Polyethylene is one of the waterproof tent types. It is suitable for travelers who are camping in certain weather, especially if there will be rain. It is durable, bulky, and heavy, but it isn’t easy to return after open it. This kind of tent can be the option as the tent floor, especially in wet seasons.

Besides the five tent types above, there are various other types. You can search it over the internet. However, if you are looking for a bigger tent for your camping trip, you should never forget to consider the material. Therefore, you always need to compare and choose the most suitable alternative to your campsite’s conditions.