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Best Places to Visit in Charlotte, North Carolina

When it comes to traveling, people always assume that it is about going abroad. This assumption is indeed wrong. There are so many ways to own a fabulous traveling experience if you know how to have fun on the journey to your destination. It does not need to be far away. In fact, the United States has so many incredible cities to enjoy during your vacation.

Charlotte UptownOne of the most remarkable cities to visit is Charlotte. This city has been famous for its corporate art, being the largest financial center in the United States next to New York City. If you wonder how such a city has a travel attraction, you should refer back to their unique and best places that only exist there, such as the United State National Whitewater Center and the NASCAR Hall of Fame. There are many best places to visit in Charlotte, North Carolina, and you better read further about this city travel tips below if you want a great trip there.

Lake Norman

If you prefer to be outdoor traveler enthusiasts, then Lake Norman is for you. You can enjoy hiking, fishing, swimming, boating, picnicking, and biking there. Suppose you visit at the right time. You can also have the opportunity to see one of the many yacht races that take place on the lake, which has 500 miles of shoreline and 50 square miles of water to offer. Bring your loved ones and friends and maybe spend a weekend camping on these beautiful grounds!

NASCAR Hall of Fame

NASCAR Hall of FameThe next best place to visit in Charlotte is, of course, the NASCAR Hall of Fame. It is the best place for sporty people who wants to see the racing sanctuary, showcasing the exceptional drivers in NASCAR. When you visit this place, you’ll probably spend some time imagining what it can be like to drive at 60MPh in 2 seconds kind of speed. The facility itself is truly a sight to behold with its 150,000 square feet. It is indeed a marvelous interactive experience.

Rays Splash Planet

If you want to get wet in Charlotte, you need to come to Rays Splash Planet directly. It has a lazy river where you can have a fresh swim. Suppose you do not want to get wet but need to cool down from the heat. You can always enjoy many games and crafts available. It would be perfect to complete your day in Charlotte. Therefore, this seasonal indoor center will be a great stop for everyone to enjoy.

Discovery Place

If you wish to have a tour of larger-than-life experiences, Discovery Place is the best place to go. You can enjoy interactive science lab stations. Also, it has a stunning 3D theater, the deep-sea rainforest, and other diverse shows. In fact, these are just a few of Discovery Place’s offerings. The truth is, Discovery Place offers a great adventure for all ages, mixing fun and education in one place.