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Tips on How to Get Your Green Card

Customers who are green card holders (i.e., permanent residents) often ask me about issues that they should consider when traveling internationally outside the United States. Of course, you can find out more here about the requirement that you need to get your green card.

Understand the Requirement Process


After a long intercontinental flight, no one wants to put themselves in the position to undergo lengthy interviews with CBP officials at the airport. Especially in circumstances where the green card holder has spent a considerable amount of time (usually more than six months) behind the United States, there are potential pitfalls that need to be understood – or risk losing the much appreciated green card. A returning foreigner does not necessarily have to present a valid passport to return to the United States but will have many, as a passport is often required to enter a foreign country.

Other possible departure signs are projected abroad, with close relatives who are not permanent residents and arrive on a charter flight where many passengers are non-residents on a return flight. If LPR claims that the card has been stolen or has disappeared, the SOP, together with the commission, could fill out a form I-90 and request the replacement of the permanent residence card. These measures could be considered provided that LPR’s identification has been confirmed, rather than comparing it with the information contained in CBP’s software.

Submit the Join Request

This is usually limited to a separate Green Cardholder or can produce the essential document in a few days. Whether you declare that the I-551 module has been abandoned or stolen, you cannot pay the fee on the I-90 module at the time of the first inspection. A conditional resident may generally remain in the United States if he is executed before another date of his entry for a stay outside the United States. A conditional resident may also be eligible, whether or not he or she is a vanity (or “bill of lading”) of a U.S. consulate, whether or not he or she is the spouse or child of a person who has been stationed abroad at the request of the government.

Complete the Documents

The applicant must have submitted a joint petition or request for exemption, variety I-751 (marriage-based cases) or Form I-829 (investment-based cases) to the United States within 90 days before the next day than six months before the entry program. If neither of these conditions is met, the manufacturer may return the applicant from filing Form I-751 or perhaps I-829 if there is reason to believe that the service will approve a waiver or request. If the applicant is not eligible, CBP has the authority to submit the applicant to a transfer procedure.…